Marble & Granite Installation Case StudyProject Name : NINE at Mary Brickell Village (ENVY) – Downtown Miami, Florida

Project finished in first Quarter of 2015.

SGT Technologies main job has always been to offer excellent quality and on time service for projects requiring Marble Granite or Quartz. From the most challenging to the basic and delicate. Established in 1927, Interstone ltd and their sister companies SGT Technologies inc and Easystone inc. of Miami Florida have dedicated ourselves to working with the finest and most luxurious stones.

A representative example of our professionalism and dedication has been the successful work completion of NINE at Mary Brickell Village (ENVY) in Downtown Miami, FL. An elegant and luxurious condo that welcomes residents and guests to one of the contemporary buildings designed with impressive interior style. This project was completed on time in 2015 despite many difficulties.

As it is known, marble granite and quartz are very heavy and fragile materials . Thanks to technological advances, it has been made possible to make great creations in different projects. In the case of NINE at Mary Brickell Village, (high rise building with 32 stories and 400 condos ), technology played a trick when the hoist used to transport pieces of stone with weight 500lbs each, had to be removed while working on 22nd floor.

Teamwork was a key factor in facing this difficulty. At least 15 professionals, put all their effort to bring the heavy and delicate material to the 32nd floor while hoist was still working. From that point the pieces were transported by hand to the lowest floors.

The target was not only to ensure that each piece arrived intact to the place of installation, but also to take care of the reputation and track record in terms of punctuality, delivery and quality.

The factors presented during the installation time:
• Regular elevators not working
• No external hoist
• Delayed response to solve the problem with the elevators.
• The weight of the material.
• Delivery time that had to be met.

At the end of the work, 10 more men were added to carry all the material that had to be lowered to the ground floor. The 25 men crew finished on time and without the help of the elevator. There were days of hard work but the company knew how to face the adversity that was presented confirming once again the commitment and responsibility that characterizes them.

Marble & Granite Installation Case Study

How SGT Technologies inc resolved the problems ?
• Focused their efforts on good management and teamwork.
• They took care of the quality of the material and the installation at all times.
• They remained firm in the delivery times putting all the effort to do their work on time.
• Management was also an important factor in the realization of this project

A good result, is characteristic of years of experience and deep knowledge of the stone counter top business. The marble is elegant, a decorative material that gives sophistication to the design because it is strong, malleable and combinable with other stones, which has allowed many generations to take advantage of its properties. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to subtract the value and importance it represents in each project for its successful fit regardless of the form and utility that is given.

Marble & Granite Installation Case Study

As written it in the description of their website, The NINE Mary Brickell Village (ENVY), is represented by the finest marble lobby, which determines that it is not only one of the most representative buildings in the city, but also its luxurious finishes and quality facilities are thanks to a company with a track record and first class work such as SGT Technologies inc.

SGT Technologies inc., is a company using the latest technological improvements , offers its customers the best service and best finished products.

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